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Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from our guests.

If you do not find your answer despite this, please feel free to email us info@alpaca.se. We ask you to email in the first instance as we are usually busy taking care of our guests and the farm.

Do not touch - Insign

do not touch this. Regards Insign

Can we just stop by and watch the animals?

SVAR: Here on the farm we have several options for you who wish to visit us during the day. We offer, among other things, alpaca walks all year round and guided tours that are arranged between May-September. For larger parties, consisting of at least 10 people, we can also arrange private tours. An inquiry is then sent to us via email.

Please note that a visit here with us must always be pre-booked!

Are dogs welcome?

SVAR: Unfortunately there is no possibility to bring a dog to the farm. The alpacas and llamas see dogs as predators and can thus become stressed or decide to attack in the worst case. It is therefore best to leave pets at home even if we understand that it is boring. Here you instead get the opportunity to enjoy all the animals that the farm has to offer!

Can you go to the alpacas when you spend the night or book an alpaca walk?

SVAR: Yes, a booking here with us always includes a guided tour where you guests can experience the alpacas up close! During the guided tour, you can join in the feeding and also pat those who want to be petted.

Is the alpaca walk and the guided tour suitable for children?

SVAR: Yes, the mild temperament of the alpacas makes the activities excellent for children. The children are more than happy to participate during the feeding and the pace of the alpaca walk can always be adjusted as needed.

Are sheets and towels included in the accommodation?

SVAR: Yes, your booking here with us always includes sheets, towels and cleaning.

Is there any possibility to arrange a gift card?

SVAR: Yes, of course we can arrange it! You can order via our website here

We want to make a booking with you and wonder what extra supplements you offer?

SVAR: To your overnight stay you can add the following to make it even more special and memorable!

  • Alpaca walk in the woods
  • Wood-fired sauna and hot tub
  • A chilled bottle of prosecco in the room
  • Locally brewed beer from Oppigård and snacks in the room
  • A fluffy alpaca pet waiting for you in the room
We do not have access to a car, do you offer pick-up?

SVAR: Yes, we can of course pick you up and drop you off at Sala station. You can book this in connection with your overnight stay for SEK 385 / one way. Feel free to let us know when a time you wish to be picked up!

We want to buy alpacas for our own farm, do you have any you sell?

Reply: Yes, here on the farm we breed fine alpacas for both breeding and pets. We have alpacas with roots from all over the world, which offers our buyers a completely unique and healthy set of genes. We also guarantee lifelong support.

We also know the possibility of lending stallions for breeding if you already have mares on the farm.

Contact us by email with a phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How do gift cards work?

The gift card you receive sent to you via standard mail contains your gift card number. 

For alpaca walks or guided tours: 

Enter your gift card number in connection with booking an alpaca walk or guided tour via our website.  

For gift cards for overnight stays:  

Make the booking via our website www.alpaca.se. The gift card can be used at the expense of accommodation. The gift card number is stated in connection with on-site check-out and the value of the gift card is then taken into account for the total amount.  

Bring the gift card for your stay! 

If you have any questions regarding your order or gift card, please feel free to contact us at info@alpaca.se 

The order for the gift card can be canceled no later than 30 days after the order is placed.

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