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Explore new places!

On the farm and in the immediate area you will find lots of exciting and interesting sights. Participate in the guided alpaca tour that is included for all overnight guests or book your participation during one of the tours that we have open to the public.

Do not miss to explore Sala's rich natural and cultural life during your visit! Please also see Destination Sala's website for recommendations in the local area! destinationsala.se

Regarding COVID-19: Our highest priority is that you feel safe with us!

Our small business only accepts a limited number of guests and our highest priority is that you should feel safe during your visit with us!

We do our utmost to ensure everyone's health and well-being on the farm while we do everything we can to reduce the spread of infection. Our conditions with large spaces, limited number of beds and small group sizes during activities have been an advantage during this difficult time. We also have extended cleaning routines, opportunities for social distancing and maintained our service, which is characterized by flexibility, openness and warmth.

Our usual cancellation policy is that guests can cancel for free up to 5 days before arrival. If the cancellation is made within 5 days before arrival, the price will be charged for the booking. We understand that the current situation can change quickly and it is important for us to be flexible. If you therefore have questions or wishes about how we can make your stay even safer, feel free to contact us!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring a dog to the farm. Read more below Questions and Answers

Guided tours

Guided tours for the public are arranged from May to September. Please be here about 10 mins before the show starts. After the screening, you are welcome to our pub for coffee.

For overnight guests, there is always a guided tour all year round, every day of the week. Overnight guests do not need to book seats on the tour separately.

The guided tour can be booked between May-September.

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All animals

Here you are met by a rich wildlife, from small to large animals. First of all, all our alpacas and the protective llamas. But also a wonderful bunch of chickens and roosters. On the farm there are also our peacocks that are distinguished by their beautiful colors and spectacular elongated tail coverts, the fish in the pond and our farm dog Malta which you are happy to pet and visit. Also do not forget to say hello to the cats Sexy and Boris Johnson who are very kind to your guests but not always to each other. Sometimes you can even see deer and moose strolling around the house node. If you are interested in birds, you have come to the right place, the nature around here offers a rich bird life.

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Other places to visit in the immediate area

Sala silver mine

10 min to Sala silver mine! For many years, Sala was Europe's largest silver producer. Today, the silver mine is an adventure for the whole family. On guided tours you can get 155 meters underground where winding passages spread out. Around the mine are also the mining museum, the police museum, the craftsmen, the silversmith and Werdshuset.

Read more: www.salasilvergruva.se


Moose park

Enjoy a wonderful environment and experience the moose up close together with Leffe - The Moose Man! Here you can go on a moose safari with a tractor and wagon straight out into the Swedish large forest to watch the moose in their natural environment. Also do not miss the good coffee in their cozy courtyard café!
Read more: gardsjoalgpark.se

Avesta Visentpark

On Saturdays and Sundays during the summer season, guided tours of Avesta Visentpark are arranged. With a knowledgeable guide by your side, you will learn more about the history of why bison live in Avesta, about breeding work and animal husbandry.

Read more: www.avestavisentpark.se

Aguà © limuseet

Here is Sweden's largest collection of Aguéli works by most well-known artists simultaneously with Aguéli and later. These include Karln Nordström, Helene Schjerfbeck and Sven X: et Erixson.

Read more: aguelimuseet.se

Väsby Kungsgà ¥ rd

Kings and miners once lived here when they visited the silver mine. Including Gustav Vasa who entered the magnificent farm during his inspections of the mine and the court when the plague spread the worst in Stockholm during the 1710s. Today there is a museum with over 7000 object/ss with i.a. a private collection of weapons, furniture from the 1700th and 1800th centuries and several interesting object/ss in hunting, measurements and weights, musical instruments and household utensils.

Read more here: www.vasbykungsgard.se

Ancient monument area Anundshög

Many people associate Anundshög with the large burial mound, which is Sweden's largest and was created as early as the 900th century. The whole area was a cultural center for western Mälardalen and one of the hubs for trade during the Viking Age. You can experience Anundshög on your own throughout the year. In addition to the exciting ancient monuments, it is also an area for great nature experiences. Here you can take a walk, have coffee with your own picnic basket or enjoy something good from Café Anund.

Read more: www.anundshog.se

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